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this may not be about the subject of this community, but please lets support this guys :)

"Self Injury Awareness Day" - March 1st

1st March is Self Injury Awareness Day.
SIAD is a global awareness day, and yet it is not supported by any nations' governments, because it is a grass-roots idea. Somehow, in the mists of time, the date was set as the 1st of March, and organisations around the world make extra efforts to raise awareness ready for SIAD.
The colour for some reason is orange. Some people wear an orange ribbon, but in the past SIAD bracelets have been worn:
- Orange beads if you self harm;
- Orange and white if you used to;
- White if you have never self harmed but understand.
If you agree that people should be made aware of this issue and this day, re-post this in your journal.

*if you want the little ribon just add this code to your journal:
< img src="" >
just make sure to add the brakets together*

thanks guys
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